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The Company

TERR.A.IN. works in  the different sectors of geology, geophysics and topography supplying its clients with solutions  about the  survey and study of the features of  the different natural and anthropic components of territory and subsurface.

TERR.A.IN.  is enriched  with a team having different and dynamic professionalisms and  personalities, able to catch and satisfy the various requirements of its clients.   

Lorenzo Facco

Degree in Natural Sciences

Master in Defence and Maintenance of the territory

Lorenzo, thanks to his remarkable technical and IT knowledges, is in charge of the management of surveys and data processing and  of the search and development of new technologies and solutions

Moreno Dal Toso

Diploma of Surveyor

Master degree in Geological Sciences

Moreno, thanks to his great experience in surveys and his practicalness, is in charge of  all the survey activities, management, maintenance and constant development of instruments and software

The Team

Territorial Applied Inspections

Direct and indirect surveys to analyse and measure the anthropic

and natural elements”

+39 347 5036 454