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Subsurface Surveys

TERR.A.IN.  offers solutions for the survey, the analysis and the detection of the anthropic and natural components on the territory

Subsurface Surveys

Advanced Multi-channel GPR Applications Mapping of the subsurface services and underground technological networks.

By the integrated use of the Multi-channel STREAM X GPR, we create a real database of the technical networks, always available for inquiry and updating.

Safety & Prevention

Prevention surveys to detect underground structures (subsurface services and foundations).

We can map the underground anthropic structures, such us subsurface networks and foundations, before the engineering and the construction, thus granting money saving and safe working conditions.


Detection and mapping of  subsurface archaeological antiquities.

We can detect buried archaeological antiquities and define their geometric characteristics and their position, not only for  research purposes, but also for prevention.


Environmental analysis of quarries and land disposals and geochemical analysis of the underground subsurface waters.

We can define the conformation of bases and filling of quarries and landfills; characterize the contaminant propagation and detect pollutant tanks and water bodies underground.

Subsurface Surveys

Territorial Applied Inspections

Direct and indirect surveys to analyse and measure the anthropic

and natural elements”

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Subsurface Pictures

Two and three-dimensional cartography of geometries and characteristics of  the subsurface elements.

We develop thematic maps, layout plans, sections and 3D models for a clear rendering of the geometric and chemical/physical characteristics of the natural elements.

Subsidence and Landslides

Survey of the structural morphological characteristics of  subsurface.

We investigate the subsurface to identify its seismic characteristics, its netting variations, the depth and the conformation of substrates and hydrogeological reservoir (water).